Toni Meštrović
Toni Meštrović - Digital Sea

Digital Sea


The ever present sea in my unconscious creates a pleasant addiction to the sea. Under the working title of “Digital Sea” I aim to explore the notion of the connectivity of the ocean. Considering the old Dalmatian saying “When you put your finger into the sea, you are in touch with the whole world”, I want to explore this idea of a network; the sea as conductor of digital information (like salt water itself conducts).
To recreate a kind of virtual sea, I will take underwater footage and combine it with the same images that have been manipulated using digital processing technology. Like a kind of a feedback system, “real” imagery will be combined with artificial imagery. The images will consist of underwater shots (for example, life and movement in water – the movement of water itself) to describe an ambience of weightlessness and fluidity.
It is important for me to create works, with the intention of stimulating unconscious impulses. It is this space between conscious and unconscious perception (which in one sense is the untouchable, or the intangible), which interests me. The “Digital Sea” presents the sea as a medium for the collection of a world memory. Further, through this idea of collection or connectivity, it highlights the rhythms and loops of sounds and images of the natural environment, which can be found in self-made environments.
In my projects I aim to research: the border of the visible and the invisible; highlight those things which mostly go unnoticed in day to day life; explore the combination of the natural and artificial, while always referring to the media technology applied.

project outcomes:
2004 “Abyssos” film
2004 “Abyssos” multichannel video/sound installation
2003 “A Blue Note” single-channel video
2003 “Lanterna” single-channel video
2003 “The State of Mind” multichannel video/sound installation
2002 “The State of Mind” film
2002 “Sub-sea-net” soundscape
2002 “Vacuum” multichannel video/sound installation

project was supported by:
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia
County of Split and Dalmatia
City of Kaštela
Lila t.o. Zagreb