Toni Meštrović

Evacuation Plan 2.0

sound composition
PCM 2.0 stereo sound, 48 kHz, 24 bit, 25’00”, 2017

Toni Meštrović’s project “Evacuation Plan 2.0”, which was recorded on the Jadrolinia’s classical ferry boat called Tijat is a stereo sound composition based on his previous 18 channel sound piece called “Evacuation Plan” that was made in 2016 for an ambisonic 3D spatial presentation. This new stereo version has been adapted for the purposes of a radio broadcast show The Image of Sound on the Croatian Radio 3.
“Evacuation Plan 2.0” documents a sonic portrait of the ferry Tijat, seen as an acoustic object or an instrument. The ship Tijat was built in 1955 at Split’s shipyard Brodograđevna industrija Split. Main characteristics of this relatively small ferry include a one-propeller engine, a large chimney in the middle, above the engine room, and an architecture that resounds with the roars of the machine, the sounds which spread from every opening, each in its own way. All segments of the powerful sound of the engine are compacted. They reverberate through the space of the ferry and, like the sounds of an orchestra, they are received as a whole.
The production process included recording of different sounds of the ferry as it was sailing, preparation of fragments of the ambisonic 3D composition in the studio, as well as in an ambisonic 3D space of a larger scale, in 17.1 channel surround. During the presentation of the artwork, the gallery space is transformed to an auditive ferry object from the sound and spatial point of view. Evacuation Plan is, so to speak, an evacuation of ferry sounds from Tijat, one of the last ferries of its kind on the Adriatic Sea, and one which is soon to sail on its very last journey.

Samples for composition made with SuperCollider software instrument built by Hannes Hölzl