Toni Meštrović

When my thoughts become liquid shadows

closed-circuit video performance, duration 3 hours
March 13th 2004, Galerie-Projektraum, Cologne

I sit alone in an empty gallery, pour a homemade Croatian brandy into a glass and place it on a table in front of a video camera. The camera is connected to a projector. It takes an extreme close up image of this dark liquid in the glass, its oily traces on the glass sides and their shadows on the table. The image is projected in real time onto a large screen placed on the window of the gallery. This large scale projected image of the liquid in the glass becomes a highly abstracted, unrecognisable, and slowly changing kaleidoscopic video composition for the viewer, who can only view the video image from the gallery exterior. From time to time I take a drink from the glass or refill it with another portion of brandy.
The work is a metaphorical representation of the feeling of loneliness and nostalgia, based on my personal experience of living and studying abroad.