Toni Meštrović

Silence (Tišina)

experimental film
DCP, 4K DCI Flat, 25fps, immersive sound, 22’42”, 2024

Silence is the period between two compositions in the space of shipbuilding heritage with an uncertain future.

Due to the long-standing process of restructuring and privatization, political interventions and the governing structures’ corrupting malfeasances, the workers of the 3. maj (3rd of May) shipyard stayed at home without pay for a full year, and the production facility went silent. That moment of silence in a facility that is usually filled with sound is the starting point for the portrayal of a specific space and time. Revealing the beauty of the spatial and auditory narratives of an industrial space, in the absence of workers and work processes, contextualizes the frightening socio-economic consequences of the “silence” and “emptiness” phenomena. After months-long negotiations in the fall of 2019, production continues with an uncertain future. 

written and directed by: Toni Meštrović
editing: Iva Kraljević
producers: Igor Grubić, Toni Meštrović
executive producers: Marijana Veljović, Sara Čučić
director of photography: Toni Meštrović
colour grading: Iva Kraljević
graphic design: Ana Labudović
sound recording: Toni Meštrović
sound design: Zoran Medved Medo, Toni Meštrović
sound mix: Zoran Medved Medo – Studio Surogat
music: J. S. Bach: Chromatic Fantasia BWV 930 by Kevin MacLeod
production: Kreativni sindikat © 2024 

supported by: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Audiovisual Centre HAVC