Toni Meštrović


closed-circuit sound installation with light
5 audio channels

Solo exhibition curated by Bojan Krištofić at the AŽ Gallery / Ateliers Žitnjak, Zagreb, Croatia, November 18 – December 3 2022

The work “Interception” is a continuation of the artistic process in closed-circuit form, which questions the topic of surveillance. The installation consists of five audio channels that create sound feedback through their connection. The sound moves through the square corridor of Ateliers Žitnjak. Five directional microphones and five directional ultrasound panels are used, which draw out the squareness of a closed circle through their interconnection. The audience cancels or modulates the sound by intercepting the ultrasonic feedback, but the system is self-sufficient and does not depend on interaction. The space remains visually unchanged, it contains microphones on stands, audio mixers, speaker panels and cables stretched around the corridor. What fills the space is an invisible sound. Sound in beams that make up a geometric drawing. The visitor experiences the drawing of sound with different intensity, depending on their movement, entering and exiting the system – interception of invisible beams of ultrasonic feedback. Directional light in space is the only visual illustration of the circular direction of sound movement.