Toni Meštrović

hOrizon (Ramallah – Tel Aviv)

single-channel video
HD 1080p, PAL, color, silent, 8’24” loop, 2011

This work in progress video installation is conceived as a series of works that depict landscapes with their horizons captured on different locations in one shot with the rotating camera that closes a 360 degree circle.
The 16:9 frame is split in half with the horizon line. The apparent horizon is in the centre of the image, while other visible surfaces in the landscape travel up and down. Each piece is shot on a hill or a higher spot that allows for an undistracted view of the horizon.
The project portrays different environments that reveal hidden or sometimes explicit geographic, cultural or political features. It symbolises mental width of an individual’s or community’s gaze. The selected horizons show places in which the beauty of the landscape is contrasted with strategic violence – over people, nature, culture…
Horizon is a view into the known and the unknown. Into the past and the future.