Toni Meštrović


single-channel video
SD 576p, 16:9, Pal, b/w, PCM 2.0 stereo sound, 6’07” loop, 2004

Employing a camera in the way one uses a sculpting tool to work on a stone, I metamorphosize the memory of the material into the material of a monochrome image. In this unending process the spirit of the times (Zeitgeist) is somehow confronted and revalorized.
The stone, the hands, the hammer, the sound of action and the sound from the environment become the entity in which I rhythmically alternate two sequences in slow motion.
Slow motion emphasizes the fatal call of the story about the father/builder who builds drystone walls to restore the stone house in which he was born. The stone gains a universal dialogical dimension and becomes the substance of convertible-made energy.