Toni Meštrović

Changing the State of Matter in Stereo

closed-circuit video/sound installation
2 video channels, 2 audio channels

This work describes the screaming of a water drop when it hits a hot plate: now the audio-visual transformation and disappearance of the water drop, is obscured through the “eyes and ears” of technology.
In a darkened space, two video cameras and two microphones capture the image and sound of water dripping onto two hot plates. The captured audio-visual material is relocated to the front of the installation (on two projection screens and respective loudspeakers). The viewer is initially confronted by the audio-visual representation within the installation, so that the original source at first remains unknown.
“Changing the State of Matter in Stereo” is a poetical observation of elementary phenomena. In this work I aim to research the border of the visible and the invisible to highlight those things that mostly go unnoticed in day to day life.