Sameness of Time / Istost časa / Unicità del tempo

by Nadija Mustapić & Toni Meštrović

two-channel video installation, Carinarnica Gallery, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2nd-9th December, 2016
2 x HD 1080p, Pal, color, 2.0 stereo sound, 19'00'' loop, 2016

The work was made for the Pixxelpoint Festival of Contemporary Art in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, in collaboration with the students of the Arts Academy of the University of Nova Gorica:

Asja Trost, Sandro Dokić, Filip Bihar, Samo Bihar, Sandra Jovanovska, Mery Gobic, Ines Sampaio, Marco Pelos Spagno, Anna Loi.


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“Sameness Of Time” explores idleness and potentiality of time on two sides of the border between Italy and Slovenia that splits the cities Gorizia and Nova Gorica. It focuses on symbolism of public clocks and raises discussions among the citizens and workers in Nova Gorica and Gorizia about the (im)possibility of the sameness of time - on two sides of the border:
How does the border between Slovenia and Italy affect the perception of temporality of life on the border (its' speed, trajectory, reverberance...)?
Does each city live in its own time? Or they share the same time? Past, present, future?
Where are delays or advancements of time most visible?
Does life on one side of the border affect the perception of time on the other side?