“Evacuation Plan”

17.1 ch ambisonic 3D site-specific sound composition, MKC Gallery, Split, October 26th - November 5th, 2016
18 audio channels in 3 layers (PCM 17.1 ambisonic surround, 48 kHz, 24 bit), 30'00'', 2016

Samples for composition made with SuperCollider software instrument built by Hannes Hölzl


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Evacuation plan renders a sound document of Tijat ferry, through the synchronized 18 channels, portraying it as an acoustic object or an instrument. The production of this work includes the recording of the ship's sounds, the realization of an ambisonic 3D composition in the studio, where only fragments of the composition have been prepared in advance, and the development of the final performance of this composition as a site-specific, 17.1 channel ambisonic 3D sound composition. In this process, the space of the MKC gallery is being transformed into an acoustic object of the ferry, one of the last of this kind on the Adriatic Sea.


The project is realized with the support of:
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
The City of Split, the Department for Culture, Art and Historic Town Center
The City of Rijeka, the City Department of Culture